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Lets get to know each other. Each school is to determine collectively, 5 questions that they would like to ask each other. This will give us the content for the dialogue to be used in introductions. Assuming the voki site works (, each student will create a voki and then answer the questions, using the microphone option, or if this does not work, type the text and give the voki a computerised voice. These individual vokis will then be uploaded onto the introductions page.
The questions for each school are:-

Hawkesdale P12 College Questions
Faiss Middle School Questions
What is your favourite sport?
What is the environment like where you live?
What is your favourite TV show?
What sports do you play for fun?
What do you do at lunchtime at school?
What is your favorite kind of food?
What sports do you play?
How many hours are you in school for?
Describe your house-eg type, number of rooms, location, ect.
What countries have you visited?